London Series: KCL for Foundation, Foundation Program Ternama di Pusat London (English)

Foundation Programs are primarily targeted for international students who did not study a curriculum which awards grades accepted for admission into UK unis such as IB or A-Levels. These program are set up by universities and other education institutions who wish to assist international students to study in the UK. As a result, you will primarily befriend international students who are from asian countries, the middle-eastern countries and some European countries such as Russia and Ukraine. You will also find students who preferred taking foundation courses as opposed to conventional international high-school curriculums. 

Indonesian students who opt into attending foundation programs are usually graduates of high-schools that teach the national curriculum and don’t mind spending an extra year studying for grades before the typically 3-year UK university course that awaits them. Furthermore, some foundation programs award grades that also allow admission into UK foreign universities such as US universities.

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Kings International Foundation Program


Kings International Foundation Program is hosted by King’s College London and is targeted for international students looking to enter into UK unis but don’t have the necessary qualifications. The lessons are carried out in three different formats; lectures, seminars and support class. The lectures and seminars are similar to conventional uni format where lectures involve the entire class and seminars are for smaller group discussions. However, the support classes are dedicated to focusing on assignments and supplementing seminars. For example, the assignments given in the support classes include essay practice such as finding sources for essays and the proper way to write essays in general.

Additionally, students of this program receive access to all services and facilities that King’s offers. This account of Kings International Foundation Program is provided by Davinka Azzahra (, a graduate of the program and a recipient of an offer for Finance and Accounting at King’s College London.

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Core Teaching Principle

A main teaching principle this program practices is normalising widely accepted academic conventions in university tasks. For example, the main activity Davinka practices this etiquette is essay-writing. Davinka shares that in Indonesia, she was used to being assessed based on multiple choice exams. On the other hand, in this program she found that her analytical and critical thinking skills were tested as most assignments were in the form of essays. She found that teaching the proper way to write academic essays by prioritising analysis over description and receiving constant feedback from her tutors has helped her immensely. She now feels that she is much more prepared in tackling university assignments due Kings International Foundation Program helping with her transition.

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Progression Rate

In terms of progression this program is very reliable and is very supportive in a student’s application process. The program provides students with a personal tutor who assists the student in the form of helping write personal statements, helping choose unis suitable for each individual student and monitoring students’ grades to allow them to achieve their needed grades. Many top unis such as LSE and UCL admit graduates of this program into courses within their respective institutions. As a result, Davinka shares that many of the students within her cohort received offers from top unis such as UCL, Queen Mary and King’s themselves. Also, this foundation program is very reputable amongst UK unis.

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