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The United Kingdom is a worldwide hub of medicinal excellence. Boasting an incredible workforce in the health sector, the NHS, and a country at the forefront of medicinal research, its academia is put in the spotlight and deservedly becomes highly reputable. This stellar image of the UK combined with a difficult entry process and renowned universities makes studying Medicine in the UK is regarded to be very prestigious. Universities that offer such courses are KCL and UCL.

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UCL’s Medicine course is widely regarded as a top-quality program in the UK. It is viewed as being able to offer excellent teaching and practical opportunities through UCL’s connections with reputable hospitals.

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Special Quality

The course UCL offers is notably intense academically. Firstly, the curriculum is very challenging. As a result of the difficulty, mastery of knowledge taught on this course is very rewarding and will be very useful in the future. Second, the lack of academic support from the institution forces the student body to become heavily independent learners. This is shown in the typically long hours a student will have to sacrifice in order to succeed academically and the active role RUMS takes in helping students in their academic and personal life.

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Preparation for Work

UCL is able to offer placement opportunities that will help students in the future. Shrey notes that in his first year that his placement opportunities consisted of preclinical medicine such as patient experience. He views this as relatively inapplicable yet. However, he states UCL has an advantage over other unis as it offers placements at incredibly reputable Hospitals such as the Royal Free hospital.

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UCL Medicine is incredibly intense academically. In term time, medicine students are likely to spend more time than students in other courses in terms of contact hours (9am-5pm lessons) and at least 2 hours of studying everyday. Also, students are forced to start studying for second year in the summer following his first year. However, socially, UCL medicine is an inclusive group. Most students have good communication skills and it is very easy to make friends. He also mentions that his cohort is generally less international than other courses.

Overall, UCL Medicine is very strong academically and in terms of placement. Success in this course will very much depend on the students individual determination and ability to cooperate with other students in classroom and society settings.

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