London Series: Imperial for Computing/Computer Science, Jurusan Masa Depan di Universitas Terbaik di London (English)

Computing is one of the most competitive degrees to get into as it is extremely valued in the present and will be in the future. Students from all over the world have started to develop foundation computing skills such as coding from an early age. London offers two universities that excel at teaching this course; Imperial and UCL.

Imperial College London


Imperial is well-known for its teaching of the sciences. It is extremely strong in all subjects within the field and computing is no exception. Computing at Imperial is regarded to be one of the most competitive and academically rigorous courses in Imperial, thus the world.

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Special Quality

A notable quality of studying computing at Imperial is the level of support received. Firstly, the teaching staff is not only world class but provides extensive amounts of assistance towards students. students find that in classes such as lab sessions and tutorials they receive plenty of help to be able to develop their academic prowess. For example, in regular lab sessions there are student helpers available to assist students and tutors have dedicated sessions for improving the students’ aptitude by discussing assignments.

Furthermore, the students themselves support each other explicitly and implicitly. They finds that students are happy to help each other when called upon and drive each other to improve by doing well individually. This is possible because of the extremely high quality of the students that are admitted into the course both in terms of academic and character. This has created a culture for success which is constructive and healthily competitive.

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Preparation for Work

Classes at Imperial unveil insight into professional computing conduct. For example, students experienced this implicit lesson during a group coding activity in one of his classes. They discovered that coding individually is vastly different to coding into a group. As a result, an explicit statement of the purpose of coding an individual in a group writes is imperative as the other members may not understand the outcome of inputting that code. This is will be very beneficial in preparing students for the future as they expect that group coding will be a regular duty in his career.

Imperial Huxley Building, photo by Imperial College London from


Computing at Imperial is very intense and takes up most of a student’s day. Their classes are generally from 9-6 and time at home is spent revising material or completing a coding assignment. In terms of student contact, Imperial’s learning environment is quite calm as students are not in direct competition but support each other willingly.

Overall, Imperial is an amazing uni study coding at. Their teaching will ensure that enough support is given for students to succeed academically and be prepared for the future.

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