London Series: Weather, Indikator Nasib Pakaian Sehari-hari (English)

London weather is a very influential factor in a student’s life. Its what forces students to start using layers upon layers of clothing to be able to walk comfortably on the street. Wearing all these layers of clothing may not be suitable for long periods of time so its important to know how much to wear. The default Weather app is a great tool to open up right after waking up to tell students what to wear.


The Weather app is perfect for preparing to go outside. First, the Weather app should be the first things students look at when getting dressed. Depending on how cold or hot London is on a particular day, a student should dress accordingly. The Weather app, as the name suggests, displays the weather and the corresponding amount of clothing to a certain temperature varies from student to student. Per common knowledge, summer temperatures usually have students wear lighter clothing as opposed to winter temperatures. However, even in the summer students should mind the wind as it warrants heavier clothing to prevent discomfort. Second, the weather app also forecasts the weather. As obvious as that might seem, the weather in London in terms of weather conditions such as rain and hail can become very problematic. Even though rain might not be the most torrential it can still be a nuisance while hail is just painful to stand under. The Weather app helps students know when to bring an umbrella or use a vehicle when commuting to avoid unnecessary troubles due to weather.

Notable Feature

The Weather app’s most notable feature is its temperature feature. Temperature is arguably more important than weather itself because its much more prevalent while weather complications are more troubling but less frequent in occurrence. The temperature feature gives students an easy way to find out how to deal with a particular day’s temperature.


The Weather app does not support cross-user usage but lets students tell their friends about the weather. Although this is very insignificant at least it gives students something to talk about,

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