London Series: The Economist, Mengenali Dunia dari Smartphone (English)

Reading the news might not be as easy as it may seem. The news is often left to circulate unfiltered and raw so the authenticity and elaboration of information may be incomplete. This causes problems for students who may want to consume this information for assignment references or broadening their general knowledge. The Economist serves students with high quality journalism thoroughly covering events that happen all over the globe.


The Economist is very useful in situations that a student wants to gain reliable information. First, The Economist is great for referencing. The Economist compiles news from all over the world through credible sources which is guaranteed by the resources at their disposal. This is great the information from The Economist viable to be referenced and used for assignments or any other uses for outsourced information. Also, The Economist is useful in gaining knowledge in general. The credibility of their journalism is packaged neatly with insightful journalism for a student to easily digest. This great for a student to dig deeper into any information provided and may help develop their thinking.

Notable Feature

The Economist’s most notable feature is its incrementalist serving of information. This process is usually done through briefings and different sections which compile headlines that are deemed noteworthy enough to be prioritised for a student’s consumption. This helps student’s filter out which information may be more valuable to know and to help students consume information at a more relaxed pace. These briefings are usually done in different times of the day which ensures the rotation of information to allows students to consume a variety of articles.


The Economist does not explicitly help students network but allows them to be more connected with the world. First, this helps students network implicitly because it gives them things to talk about. During social interactions with parties such as other students or professionals the information gained from The Economist may be a plus for students to know to be able to leave a lasting impression on other people. Also, The Economist opens up insight into fields that could have previously been foreign to a student. This allows students to indulge these new interests and form connections through this mutual intrigue.

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