London Series: Rice

Rice is probably the largest difference in your Indonesian diet as opposed to the new diet you take on in London. However, even when it changes from an everyday staple to an occasional luxury, there is one thing you might notice about rice; convenience. Rice is relatively simple to cook, can go with anything and filling. This makes rice a sensible choice to add to your list of groceries when shopping. The following recommendations are the best options of two of the most common types of rice found in London stores.

Veetee Himalayan Basmati Rice 1Kg

Basmati rice is one of the most common types of rice found in London. This is probably the closest type of rice to the rice eaten in Indonesia you will be able to find in London. The great thing about this rice is that it is relatively cheap and there are a variety of options. So buying this rice is definitely a safe bet.

Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice

Long grain rice would probably taste a bit strange to an Indonesian palate. However, due to its length and softness it absorbs flavour well. This will be useful for any students who are looking to make rice based dishes such as fried rice. The variety of this rice sold in London is also great. Finding a cheap brand with high quality shouldn’t be too hard.

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