London Series: Ramen

Instant Ramen is probably the most infamous choices of food for university students. Its very practical to cook and its artificial flavouring doesn’t leave much to be desired. This is also the case for university students in London as the diversity of instant ramen is abundant in the city. These recommendations are some of the most flavourful, cheap and practical choices for instant ramen.

Nissin Soba Classic Instant Noodles

This choice is incredibly practical and delicious as it makes for a good and relatively filling quick breakfast. It’s incredibly flavourful and the noodles themselves are of considerable girth. Stocking up on this wouldn’t be a bad option for those of you who find yourself in a hurry to get to school or craving for something to snack on.

Maggi Noodles Chicken

These noodles are infamous in the London instant noodle community. This choice is more savoury as the chicken broth is flavourful while the noodles are well proportionated to soak in the flavor.


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