London Series: Soup

Soup is perfectly tailored for the cold winter nights of London. Holing up in your room to escape the outside chills is worth being accompanied by a bowl of soup. However, it might be a bit complicated to actually make it yourself so visiting the nearest convenience store is bound to be a fruitful expedition for soup. These choices are cheap and delicious making them perfect to purchase for a London student.

Heinz Cream Of Chicken Soup

Probably the most familiar soup to an Indonesian, this choice is cheap, warm and tasty. Stocking up on these is very recommended as they go a long way for anyone looking for a light meal or just to stay warm.

Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup

An overseas regular that is an Indonesian oddity, this choice will help you explore British culture. Although it sounds weird, tomato soup’s best quality is how filling it is. If you value health over taste then this choice is a great shout.

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