London Series: McDonalds

Anyone reading this might thank that a review on McDonalds is unnecessary, that everyone already has their go to items that they always order. Whether it be a burger, another kind of sandwich or just some fries, McDoanlds’ menu is quite tasty for a fast food restaurant. However, most of the menu items in London’s McDonalds aren’t very filling. Eating products that won’t fill your stomach completely would probably defeat the purpose of a student going to McDonalds for their everyday meal. Fortunately there is one item on the menu that achieve this.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

This burger is one of the only things on the menu truly worth its price. Cheesy, Meaty and definitely filling, ordering a double quarter pounder with cheese would definitely let you rest your wallet for a while. Bringing a water bottle to McDonalds or having the burger for takeaway with tap water for drinking saves even more money added to the money saved of having to eat more food.


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