London Series-UCL Days: UCL Cafés

Being a student, time for a meal is a luxury within schedules that leave little lapses to even breath. Students have to be smart about eating as they need enough sustenance while maintaining proper time management to live a successful academic life. Fortunately, UCL realises this dilemma and provides students with on-campus Cafés.

These cafés are numerous and can be found on most areas of the campus. However, the products they sell do not offer much variety. This is not a problem as these cafés usually serve as a stop gap measure to alleviate pangs of hunger throughout the day. Great recommendations for meals are the sandwiches, chips and bananas. These will adequately fill your stomach for at least the first hour of your lectures. Additionally, when in need of an energy boost Red Bulls are a great option to purchase especially when considering studying at the library or student centre.

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