London Series-UCL Days: Energybase gym

Being a UCL student, convenience is a main factor in choosing places to exercise. The closer the venue the more opportunities a busy uni student will have to stay fit and take care of their body. Fortunately, Student Central is equipped with one of the most uni student-friendly gyms in Energybase Gym. This gym is commonly frequented by student’s of unis within the vicinity making it a great place to have a quick workout session in between classes.

Energybase Gym is equipped with an adequate amount of facilities for students to have a meaningful fitness journey during their time in uni. This gym has a basic but complete selection of training equipment such as treadmills and weight-lifting sets. Additionally, this gym is equipped with sports facilities such as a pool and basketball courts for members to use freely. Unfortunately, the training equipment is relatively minimal compared to the amount of members present at any given time, this makes waiting to use equipment a common problem for this gym’s usual visitors. However, this is also a great opportunity to get to know other people in the middle of waiting to use equipment.

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