London Series: UCL for Economics, Universitas dengan Jurusan Ekonomi Ternama di Dunia (English)

Being in close proximity to Canary Wharf, one of London’s trademark financial districts, universities within London have gained a reputation of being adept in teachings related to the industry. As a result, Economics has become a very sought after program as it is both a rudimentary and flexible field of study involving the financial industry. Universities that offer high quality courses in this subject are UCL and LSE.

University College London


UCL’s Economics course has one of the best reputations internationally and a degree from there would be very useful. This account of University College London is provided by Chris, a second year Economics student of the institution.

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Special Quality

A strength of UCL in its Economics course is the support received from its teaching staff. Economics at UCL is extremely rigorous, especially considering its heavily mathematically-oriented curriculum. UCL supports such difficult academic standards by providing an extensive amount of academic support towards their students. For example, students are given weekly assignments that they will do and be given feedback by their tutors. This is extremely helpful towards a students learning process as not only are they trained to improve their knowledge of economics rigorously, but this is done in tandem with extra care from the teaching staff to ensure that students are developing well. Also, students are always open to consult teaching staff outside of designated teaching time. Tutors are always willing to help students which shows how dedicated UCL is towards its mission of education.

Preparation for Work

UCL mainly prepares students for work by education in the classroom. UCL’s modules are not only designed to equip students with theoretical mastery of economics, but they draw a clear relation between the aforementioned knowledge and its application in real life. For example, the applied economics module teaches students about data collection and how to use STATA. These skills are particularly useful in economic research.


The Economics course at UCL is relatively intense. On average, Chris spends 6-8 hours of his day committed to his lessons. Additionally, competition can be intense at times. Applying for internships and academically can be difficult as students are very driven.

Overall, UCL Economics is an extremely suitable course for students who are driven and will be beneficial for the future.

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