London Series: LSE for Economics, Jurusan Economics Terbaik di Inggris (English)

Being in close proximity to Canary Wharf, one of London’s trademark financial districts, universities within London have gained a reputation of being adept in teachings related to the industry. As a result, Economics has become a very sought after program as it is both a rudimentary and flexible field of study involving the financial industry. Universities that offer high quality courses in this subject are UCL and LSE.

London School of Economics and Political Science


LSE is widely touted as one of the best universities for the humanities and Economics, at the unis name suggests, is one of its trademark subjects. Studying Economics at LSE is incredibly competitive to be admitted and extremely rigorous to complete.

LSE Department of Economics Building, photo by London School of Economics and Political Science from

Special Quality

Studying Economics is incredibly interesting as students can learn a wide range of subjects that are extremely specialised. The Economics course at LSE offers modules in many different fields of study within the social sciences. For example, there are numerous economics, finance and politics courses available for students to choose from as Economics major. For example, LSE offers two different introductory courses for econometric with differing levels of mathematical difficulty. This is only possible as LSE is extremely focused on the social sciences with a world-class teaching staff boasting personnel such as the former Governor of the Bank of England and a Nobel Prize winning economist.

LSE classroom, photo by Sapphire Business Interiors from

Preparation for Work

LSE is known as a career-focused university and for good measure as it offers a wide range of opportunities to prepare for and connect with the professional world. First, LSE provides a world class career service where students can consult with the staff and receive extensive assistance in matters regarding their future career. Also, LSE accommodates numerous student societies. These societies hold incredible career events, are filled with incredible students which makes for a great networking opportunity and are incredibly varied covering any career pathway an LSE student could want to chase. For example, a career event held by an LSE student society invited the global COO of macro research at Morgan Stanley who explained the inner-workings of one of the foremost investment banks in the world.

Teaching room in the Department of Economics on the first floor of 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields (32LIF)


Studying Economics at LSE is generally intense for a student. Although classes range from 3-5 hours a day, self-study and extracurricular activities will extended working hours are advised to fully utilise the chance to study at LSE. For example, socialising and participating in societies take up to 4-6 hours a day. Also, the student interaction at LSE is quite competitive. Prospective students should be warned that although students are willing to assist each other, studying at LSE requires a large amount of individual effort in traversing one of the world’s most difficult Economics courses.

Overall, LSE is an incredible choice to study Economics. The opportunities in and outside of the classroom provided are without a doubt world class, but they come at a price where students have to endure a gruelling academic journey.


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