London Series: City for Business (Cass Business School), Salah Satu Universitas dengan Jurusan Bisnis Terbaik di Dunia (English)

usiness is a very sought after program as it is very flexible and can tie into many industries. The universities of london offer a variety of choices that can award a prestigious business degree. These universities include Queen Mary, Westminster, City University of London Business School and UCL.

Cass Business School, City University of London


Cass Business School, a part of City University of London, is one of the most reputable business schools in the UK and Europe. Amongst its many excellent business courses, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought after courses due to it being important in the future of business. This account of Cass Business School is provided by Emir, a second year Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship student of the institution. 

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Special Quality

Studying Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CASS, Emir notes that a notable quality this program offers is how interesting it is in relation to the real world. A noticeable pattern within this course is that it focuses on how new technology will develop in correlation to a more digital business world. Modern businesses have a heavy reliance on technology and this program will focus on surviving in a more digital business world and creating innovations to expand it. Emir also notes that in his first year he did not delve into this matter enough as students of all courses are combined into one course in the first year; Business Management. Only after that, in their second year, will the students start to study in their more specific courses. 

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Work Preparation

This program helps students prepare for work by training them early on how to act as young entrepreneurs. Emir finds this in his module called Critical Thinking where he is faced with unique problems to be solved in hypothetical but very realistic scenarios in the real world. For example, Emir was faced with a problem from the course which put him in a scenario where he was an upcoming entrepreneur in the transportation industry facing a competitor who had just recently discovered a technological innovation. This sort of flexibility and creativity in doing business is essential in complementing the theoretical know-how in the real world. 


Cass’ learning environment can be considered quite intense academically and from the students themselves. Firstly, Emir shares that the course assigns tasks every week in the form of essays or presentations which may take more than a day to finish. In addition, the course provides optional tutorial sessions which assign optional tutorial work which adds up to the academic aggregate. However, Emir believes that this amount of work is manageable with good commitment and time management leaving students enough time to enjoy themselves on the weekend. Furthermore, the students are quite competitive which builds an enthusiastic learning atmosphere regarding the topics they learn. For example, the competitive nature of the students in Emir’s course inspired them to create societies revolving entrepreneurship. Participating in these societies is very useful for both experience, improving practical skills and writing on a students CV.

Overall, Cass is a very interesting option which teaches its students to stay adapted to the growing role of technology in modern business. It allows students to study a subject they generally enjoy in a setting that indulges students academically and within extracurricular conventions.

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