London Series: Accommodations (English)

Living in London is incredibly costly for any student, especially international students. As a result, the money you spend should be spent wisely amongst the many expenses that you are forced to make. A massive expense that you will inevitably have to invest in is accommodation.

Accommodation will become a huge part of your uni life as it does not only concern the issue of having a place to rest. The following aspects should be taken into consideration when deciding on an accomodation:


Accommodations usually offer extra services to help students in their daily lives. From the rooms provided to study rooms set up to give study space for students, the facilities of an accommodation should be convenient and useful to a student.


Food is incredibly important for a student living on a budget in London. Typically, accommodations attempt to aid students by either providing food for students regularly (catered) or providing a kitchen (non-catered). The main things to consider regarding food is taste and availability.

Social Life:

Accommodations can be a great place to meet new friends. Spending nearly every day meeting people will be a huge part of some accommodations and will have a more minimal impact in others.


Accommodations facilitated by unis or companies usually hold social events to liven things up. Social events can range from weekly football sessions to holiday-themed hall parties and can really strengthen the bond between hall-mates.


The area where an accommodation is situated in is important for a student’s daily life. An accommodation should be well situated to provide students with ample access to all kinds of benefits.

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