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The rooms at International Hall are generally satisfactory for a student to live in. For example, their catered shared bathroom single bedroom is enough for a student to have a comfortable place to rest. It is fitted with a sink, mirror, desk, wardrobe, window, heater and plenty of space to store any items. The desk is vary spacious and can fit a multitude of items on the table and in its shelves. The wardrobe is relatively large and can fit many clothing items. However, the bed is quite small but enough for one person and the duvet they provide is rather ineffective against the cold, so buying an extra duvet is advised. Another downside is that the shared toilets are often clogged as people usually throw toilet paper into them.

Single Room at International Halls, photo by University Rooms at

Study Rooms:

The study rooms at International Hall are quite useful for studying. The first one can be found in the main lobby area. It has glass walls so students can see inside from outside and outside from inside which will be an issue for self-conscious people. It is generally quite good as there are partitions to separate desks so students can have a bit of privacy and is equipped with a mini-library though the actual relevance of the books in it to every student may vary.

Next, there is a study room in the lower ground floor of the halls. This room is quite spacious with lots of long tables. This room is good for people who want to work in silence outside of their room as generally people who use the room tend to respect the unwritten rule of silence.

Last, there is the study room on the second floor. This room might be the best out of the three as not many people know about it and it overlook the outside of the halls. Although the view is not exactly a spectacle, it can be quite calming to be able to gaze out the window from time-to-time to relax momentarily.

Common Room:

The common room is frequented by residents who want spend the evening together. The ping-pong table is almost always booked by people who want to have a bit of competition before they head to bed. The pool table is very popular as a lot of residents are quite good at pool and often challenge each other. The sofas are usually full of residents having a drink or a relaxing night with their friends.

Common Room at International Halls, photo by University Rooms at

Squash Court:

The squash court is quite standard and does its purpose well.

Music Room:

The two music rooms are quite similar to each other where both have a piano and guitar. There is no wifi in this room.

Outside Area:

The outside area consists of a small gazebo surrounded by benches. To be honest its quite useless during term time as its usually very cold so nobody bothers to use this area.

Bike Parking:

Bike parking area is exactly what you would expect it to be.


The concierge is quite useful at handling deliveries and booking rooms for use. Although they can be rather problematic when you want to check in guests.

Concierge at International Halls, photo by University Rooms at

Laundry Room:

The laundry room is quite standard with washing machines, dryers and an ironing station. An unspoken rule in the laundry room is that a machine is finished the next user may take out the clothes within and place them somewhere appropriate so they can use the machine.

Movie Room:

The movie room is quite comfortable and can accommodate a relatively large group of people. It is quite soundproof so residents can watch movies in peace without disturbing others.

LG Lounge:

The LG Lounge is often used as a communal space for various activities. Residents use this are for activities such as birthday parties, drinking or just hanging out. Primarily, residents use this area for pre-drinks before going out for the night or to have a meal together after returning from a night out.

Playstation Room:

The playstation room is literally just a room with a tv, playstation set and a few seats. The games provided include FIFA and NBA2K.

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