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International Halls provides catering services in their dining hall 2 days everyday; breakfast and dinner on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends. It is also possible to order packed meals when students have to be absent from the dining hall at the allotted meal times. Breakfast and Lunch are served to residents where they can choose up to six items on the menu plus a drink and dessert. Dinner is served to residents where they can choose a soup or bread, a main course, 2 sides, a drink and dessert.


The taste of the food at International Hall is generally average. There is not much praise to be given for the taste of the food as it is prepared in bulk and difficult to guarantee high quality taste.

Lunch at Breakfast at International Hall can be considered quite decent and even pretty good at times. They serve an english breakfast with selections such as beans, sausages, pastries and fish. Its generally very hard to mess these sorts of food up so the catering staff are able to do a relatively satisfactory job. An interesting tip is to choose bread with eggs and sausages to make a sandwich. Another tip is to just order as many chicken sausages (don’t order the vegetarian sausages they’re terrible) and eat them with a few packets of salt. Also, if you are in a hurry for a morning class taking 6 butter croissants (usually served on Fridays and the only type of croissants that won’t hurt your teeth when you bite into them) to go as they are relatively filling.

Dinner at International Hall can be quite depressing. Not much of the selection is very good and almost never filling but at least they attempt to diversify the selections every week. A personal favourite amongst the students is the chicken, but not the tasteless chicken breast, which is usually served with gravy and surprisingly tender to the bite. This main course option is one of the only saving graces that the catering service at International Hall has to offer and its not even that good. Furthermore, a dish that should be definitely be avoided are any noodle dishes. The noodle dishes served at International Hall are generally quite bland and heavy with garnishes that don’t add to the flavour but make it more difficult to eat. Ever choosing a noodle dish would be a grave mistake and whoever ends up doing that should be prepared to shell out a few pounds on dinner from an outside source.

The drinks served at International Hall are generally quite good as they are . They usually serve two selections of juices from either apple, orange and lime juice with soft drinks. Sometimes the soft drink machine is not filled correctly and all you will get is fizzy water coming out of the tap.

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In terms of availability, the catered food at International Hall is only available at the allotted meal times.

There is a wide selection of grocers and restaurants to choose from around the area. Firstly, The Brunswick, a shopping centre within walking distance of International Hall, offers a various selection of restaurants and grocer. To shop for groceries Waitrose and Sainsbury are available with the former being the more expensive option of the two. Also, The Brunswick has restaurants such as Nando’s, Fuwa Fuwa (A japanese pancake parlour which is frequented by many curious guests), GBK Burgers, Go Sushi and Itsu. Second, the road along Russel Square Tube Station houses restaurants such as Franco Manca and Wasabi along with a Tesco store.

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