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International Hall’s social events is run by their team of hall advisors that frequently plan interesting activities for the residents. These activities are varied and are generally well-received by the residents.


International Hall hosts various amounts of weekly activities and amongst the most popular are football, yoga and movie nights.

Football is usually held every Saturday and frequently attracts a large number of residents. It is played for an hour in one of Coram’s field’s (3 minute walk from International Hall) width-to-width size pitch. It is generally quite a chill activity to have a little fun while exercising in your free time, but can become competitive when the time is running down and the score is close.

Yoga is held weekly for any residents who are interested in joining. Held by a competent instructor who also happens to be a resident, yoga is a good way to alleviate some of the stress a student goes through over the week. It is also a great place to make new friends and bond with existing ones.

Movie nights might not exactly be held weekly but are held quite frequently. Movie nights are held in the halls’ movie room which can accommodate a good amount of people and is a good option to spend some free time in the midst of your hectic schedule. Movie nights are often themed in accordance to trends or holidays such as horror month in the month of October to celebrate Halloween. However, residents can also request what movies they want if they can book the room in advance.

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Special Occasions:

There are often holiday themed parties at International Halls which are usually hugely popular amongst residents. For example, International Halls hosted a halloween party which was incredibly successful. The party was held in the common room where there were halloween-themed decorations and a DJ who even took requests from the partygoers. Also, the Hall Team manned an pop-up bar selling beverages at insanely cheap prices.


Sometimes the Hall Team at International Hall hosts random events for the residents to enjoy. For example, they once held a cookie decorating event where residents were given ingredients and could decorate a cookie however they like. This was an interesting event as it was extremely relaxing to focus on something completely unexpected instead of the daily struggles of a student. Other events include ping-pong tournaments, quizzes and dance classes.

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