London Series: Area at International Hall (English)


International Hall is situated incredibly close to several Unis. UCL is 10 minutes away by foot and several of their buildings such as the neuroscience building are right next to the halls. Also, LSE is relatively close to the halls within 15 minutes by foot. City is a bit farther taking about 20 minutes to reach by foot. SOAS is very close to the halls but seeing as they only have one campus it takes 10 minutes to reach it entirely. Additionally, the halls is close to the Senate Library which is accessible by students of the University of London.


International Hall is close to several entertainment centres. First, UCL is close to the Brunswick which has various activities for residents to choose from. The Brunswick has a cinema in Curzon and a variety of restaurants to spend time in. Also, International Hall is close to Coram’s field which has a football field, basketball field and outdoor gym equipment.

Curzon Movie Cinema, photo by The Brunswick Shopping Centre at


There is a wide selection of dining options surrounding International Hall. Firstly, there are several restaurants such as Nando’s, Wasabi and Itsu around the are either in or out of The Brunswick. Also, there are several stores that you can buy groceries. Waitrose and Sainsbury Local at The Brunswick along with Tesco are good options to buy groceries. Furthermore, there are several cafes which are worth visiting. The most notable ones are Pret a Manger and Cafe Nero.

Nando’s at The Brunswick Shopping Centre, photo by The Brunswick Shopping Centre from

Essential Services:

There essential services in the area surrounding International Hall are quite limited. The most notable ones are the NHS Medical Centre at The Brunswick and several post offices around the area. There is also a police station within walking distance around the area on the way to covent garden.


There are several options for transport within the area. Russel Square Tube stations is very close to the halls. Kings Cross Station is also within walking distance with a 20 minute journey by foot. Also, there are several bus stops near Russel Square Park which are 10 minutes by foot.

Russel Square Tube Station, photo by Modern Architecture London at

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