London Series: Facilities at Garden Halls (English)


Rooms at Garden Halls vary in selection but are overall very satisfactory. As they are relatively newly built, the designs are quite modern and very accommodating for residents. Additionally, they are quite cheap as dormitory rooms are but are very high in quality.

Common Room:

The Garden Cafe provides a social space where students can interact whether it be socialising or studying together. Located on the ground floor, the modern design provides comfort while complemented by the view of Cartwright Gardens in front of the halls.

Garden Cafe, photo by University of London from

Tennis Court:

Garden Halls provides several tennis courts for the leisure of the residents as part of Cartwright Gardens, the park right across the street from the halls. These courts are frequented by players of varying skill levels; from curious beginners to seasoned players looking to maintain their athletic prowess. Residents shouldn’t be shy to arrange a time to use these courts as the friendly environment of the halls encourages students to pursue their interests, tennis included.

Music Room:

The two music rooms are quite similar to each other where both have a piano and guitar. There is no wifi in this room.


The outside area consists of a small gazebo surrounded by benches. To be honest its quite useless during term time as its usually very cold so nobody bothers to use this area.


The concierge at Garden Halls is essential for handling packages, letting in visitors and arrangement of facility use. The staff are friendly and ready to help with any problems at all times.

Garden Halls concierge, photo by University of London from

Laundry Room:

The Laundry Room serves its function well and students are quite satisfied with it. Although there was a year where the washing machines experienced some technical difficulties so the halls decided to compensate the students by lowering the prices.

Cinema Room:

The cinema room is a great room for students to relax and enjoy a movie with their friends. Equipped with bean bags and a comfortable carpet, this room provides maximum comfort for students to enjoy their favorite flicks.

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