London Series: Facilities at Unite Students (English)


Rooms at Unite Students are very cheap in terms of private accommodation but are also of high-quality. Besides that, students are given several essential services free of charge when taking residence at Unite Students.

The individual room at any of the Unite Students rooms available for selection are relatively spacious. The room can fit a bed, wardrobe, individual bathroom and plenty of space for other objects such as desks. Due to the space available, the rooms are quite comfortable as residents are able to store a relatively large amount of items and still have space to move comfortably.

The common rooms within the shared flats are very comfortable. They are usually combined with the question but still leave plenty of space to house a plentiful common area. Firstly, the kitchens are well-equipped and spacious so cooking will be a relatively relaxed experience. Also, the common space is usually made up of an area occupied by a sofa large enough to seat several people. This area usually makes up for an incredible hangout spot with flatmates and friends when going out is just too much of a chore!

Shared Kitchen at Emily Bowes Court, photo by Unite Students from

Common Room:

The Common Room is relatively well-equipped with several different facilities. Firstly, a concierge is available which assists residents in receiving packages and other services. Second, there are recreational equipment available such as ping pong and fussball to help facilitate an enjoyable day at the flat. Also, there are vending machines for anyone looking to have a quick drink or bite.


The rooftop at Unite Students is a very nice addition to the entire accommodation. This area provides a spacious platform for various activities such as barbecuing or any other social gathering. Also, this rooftop area can become a secluded haven for anyone looking to detach themselves from their daily life and enjoy the breeze while overlooking London’s stunning sights in the distance. Though be warned as it is London, anyone making use of the rooftop at night should be well-covered in layers of clothes to stay warm!

Blithehale Court Rooftop View, photo by Unite Students from


The courtyard consists of an open space in the middle of the accommodation with several seating spots. It is a very good option for anyone looking to hang out with friends while enjoying the outside. Also, it adds a hint of aesthetic value to the entire accommodation.

Laundry Room:

The Laundry Room serves its function well and students are quite satisfied with it. Although there was a year where the washing machines experienced some technical difficulties so the halls decided to compensate the students by lowering the prices.

For more information please contact:

 Whatsapp  :  0812 5998 5997

Line           :  accesseducation

Telegram   :  0812 5998 5997

Email :

Link to Unite Students Blithehale Court:

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