London Series: Social Life at Unite Students (English)

Living at Unite Studetns Blithehale Court will come with a varied amount of socialising as there are rooms that students can inhabit individually. However, students that live with flatmates will have to cope with daily interactions and the situation of communal living to be able to have an enjoyable experience.


Students that live with flatmates will be exposed to social interactions in various different situations. Firstly, when cooking students will have to do so in the communal area of the flat’s shared kitchen. Students should remember to always respect their flatmates when cooking so as to not bother them in the middle of the night or cause an accident that leaves an unfortunate odour lingering in the shared kitchen. Second, the communal space within the flat’s can become an essential part of living with flatmates. The communal space should be utilised to its maximum potential as it is a great opportunity to create bonds that will last a lifetime. Lastly, the common area in the lobby will be a place where students will be exposed to each other. This area is not necessarily a place where students will spend much time at but it is nice to be able to friendlily greet people on a daily basis.

Fortunately, students will have their own bathrooms to avoid untimely meetings in dicey circumstances!


Having good flatmates will make anyone’s daily life so much easier as not only they able to bond and became close friends, but also help each other in the chores as well. Finding this balance between friendship and responsibility will be crucial in living with flatmates and is overall a very teaching experience. Also, the people at Unite Students Blithehall Court are generally really friendly. They would he understanding and would help if they can do something that i struggle on doing.

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