London Series: Area at Unite Students(English)


Although Unite Students Blithehale Court is closest to Queen Mary University of London taking 10-15 minutes to reach by foot.


The accommodation is close to several recreational areas but the most notable one is Bethnal Green Park. The park is incredibly spacious and can serve for a various number of activities such as jogging or ball games. Also, the park is equipped with a basketball court and other facilities for anyone to enjoy.

Bethnal Green Gardens, photo by Onthegrid at

Essential Services:

There essential services in the area surrounding Unite Students Blitheahle Court are quite limited. The most notable ones are a police station around the area which serves to provide a sense of security for the surrounding residents of the area.


Unite Students Blithehale Court is extremely close to Bethnal Green Tube Station taking only 3-5 minutes to reach by foot.

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