PPI London X Access Education: Mission, Health

Being healthy is one of the main considerations a student should have when studying abroad. Temperature changes, fatigue and a great fitness level in general are all essential to making the best out of uni life in London. Today we will be hearing how PPI London is attentive towards this aspect of their members’ lives and actively ensures that the Indonesian community in London can stay fit during their time there.

This account of PPI London is provided by Giovanni Adhiputra Azis, a masters student at Royal Holloway University of London and the President of PPI London 2020/2021.

It is very important to maintain health When studying abroad, where students will be far from their families and students must be able to care for their health independently. In response to this, PPI London provides opportunities for the Indonesian community in London to exercise while creating connections with their fellow Indonesians.

PPI London holds weekly sports for Indonesian students in London as motivation and a place for them to exercise regularly. This is a great chance for any Indonesians who are looking to have a good time enjoying sports and the company of others. We highly encourage anyone interested to join and don’t forget to bring your friends as well!

I hope that students will really take advantage of the forum that has been created by PPI London to improve their physical and spiritual health.

A healthy body can create maximum work results, stay healthy while young, so you can enjoy old age.

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