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PPI London provides events that specifically cater to the needs of Indonesian students in London. These events are wide in variety and can really help Indonesian students advance themselves in any aspect of their lives. However, due to the current pandemic the events being held this year are generally restricted to online platforms. Nevertheless, joining these events is a must for any student looking to make the best out of their uni experience. This post will provide an overview of the events PPI London has held over the 2020/2021 academic year.

This account of PPI London is provided by Ambar Permana, an MSc Business International Human Resource Management student at Queen Mary University of London and a Coordinating Member of PPI London 2020/2021, and Aqraa Sagir, a second year Bsc Business Management Student at Hult International Business School and the Vice President of the Student Relations Divison of PPI London 2020/2021.

  • Instagram Live Stream with El Rumi

Our criteria for the guest speaker that we invited are influencer and/or scholarship awardee. This event was meant to provide Indonesian students with a different perspective of going to uni in London from a person with a unique set of circumstances.

  • Webinar

The second event we did was a webinar that aimed to give a light hearted and informative career talk. We invited 3 speakers that are based in London with differing professional backgrounds, having them share their knowledge and story about their career in London so far.

  • Our first webinar has the theme “careers in the UK: from breaking into the private sector to being your own boss”We invited an entrepreneur, Pino Edwards, the owner of Pinos Warung in Camden Market, an Indonesian cuisine business that in just a year have become a very popular spot for the Indo London community.We also invited Christy Zakarias, the executive director of YIPA (Young Indonesian Professionals Association) and an assistant VP for investor relations in Barclays Bank. Lastly, we invited Rania Rusly a third year at Imperial College that has experience in software engineering internships at google and gojek.
    • We tried to make this webinar special by providing a presentation from the speakers, so that there is visual stimulus and a more casual atmosphere compared to previous webinars/career talks held by the indosoc in colleges like Kings.
      • We also picked 3 panelists with diverse backgrounds so that all types of careers can be represented and that the attendees can gain holistic knowledge.
      • And after all the panelist presents their material we continue on to a QnA session so that the attendees can interact directly with the speakers and ask them questions regarding the professional world.
  • Podcast
    • For the podcast program we aimed to create content that was informative and entertaining for Indonesian students that are in London
    • In the first episode we discussed the regulations during the 2nd lockdown in London, entertaining activities people can do, and details about day to day life that prospective students might not know yet.
    • We also talked about the daily lives of the hosts during the lockdown and interesting things that happened during the November and March lockdown.We try to make this podcast special by distributing it properly, making it easily accessible, and consistently.
    • PPI London podcast can be found on spotify, so anyone can tune in.We also do proper research and scriptwriting so that our 30 minute episodes are informative and has a good pace.We currently have 2 episodes up and the plan is to create monthly episodes with different hosts each time, covering different topics that are relevant to students in London.
    • If you want to be a guest on our podcast, providing a new perspective to our discussion, you can contact the PPI London social media and or contact the podcast team directly through WA

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

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