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POSDM PPI London or the Human Resources Development team is focused on empowering the organisation’s members. This is done through various collaborative events such as team-building activities. This division is dedicated to providing an opportunity for the members of PPI London and the organisation as a whole to become the best possible versions of themselves possible.

This account of PPI London is provided by Samantha Aurelia, a second year Bsc Actuarial Science student at Cass Business School and the Head of POSDM PPI London 2020/2021.

The Human Resource Development division helps individuals to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Most importantly, the quality of relationships between PPI London’s committees to improve each individual performances, and the overall organisational effectiveness. By providing internal management training, we help enhance their strengths as well as their ability to contribute to our organisation.

Here, we want to make sure not only they are trained to do the job but also continue to grow and develop new skills. Team-building activities, for example, is a key component in motivation. We help foster a sense of brotherhood among fellow students, regardless of their backgrounds and encourage the improvement on all ethnic groups. Individuals are able to share their strengths in complementary roles to produce meaningful results. With the interpersonal dynamics team-working creates, collaboration offers more than the sum of its parts. The more the people, the more the ideas, and the more people we can connect to. Anyone will be able to positively contribute to the society

Through Human Resource Development, we are able to understand how to work with people, conflict resolutions, and so on. Having good people skills and the ability to communicate effectively is a bonus. People are the most valuable asset in each community. Human resources helps in structuring teams, builds culture of the organisation and helps people to engage and participate more in the organisation. It creates a lot of difference in enhancing the productivity of the society. For example, conflict is somewhat inevitable as individuals have different personalities, lifestyles and work ethic. You’ll be taught how to handle conflict and how to resolve it. You’ll also be taught how to handle the situation as professionally as possible. It doesn’t matter where the conflict arises between, you should be able to assist both parties equally and not choose sides.

One of the major factors of a successful human resource is an array of skills to deal with a variety of situations. It simply isn’t enough to have knowledge of HR, such as knowing which forms need to be filled out.

Besides good communication skills and excellent management skills, being able to multitask is vital. Here, we focus on all areas of the business. We may have to deal with a conflict one minute, then switch and deal with activities. As trite as it may sound, people skills are perhaps the most important skills in the realm of people management.

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

Email:  info@konsultanpendidikan.com

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