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Sports and arts are probably the most common ways people express themselves. PPI London recognises this and as a result formed the Divisi Seni dan Olahraga. This division is tasked in facilitating the empowerment of Indonesian students in London by providing them the opportunity to channel their athletic and artistic urges.

This account of PPI London is provided by Juan Juoro, a second year Bsc Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College London and the Head of PPI London 2020/2021 Divisi Seni dan Olahraga.

The Sports and Art Division of PPI London is the organising body which is responsible in providing the mediums for students in London to channel their passion in sports and arts. We organised different activites: from weekly sporting events to a nation-wide sports and art tournament. Aside from the existing communities of Football, Badminton and Basketball, this year, the division also initiated 3 new communities: Women’s sports, Running & Cycling and music clubs.

This division greatly promotes the wellbeing of students in London through the sports activities. Also, by initiating different communities, we created mediums for students not just to channel their hobbies and passion but also to create networking opportunities. As a result, the communities are becoming more and more independent. With 200+ members, the communities are very strongly bounded. Keeping in mind that students in London are located very far from each other, the weekly activities allow students with mutual enthusiasm to gather at one place and mingle.

Every year, with new members coming, the activities offered by the division also diversify. For instance, this year, a lot of the new members are enthusiasts in cycling & running. Hence, they initiated ILWCC, a club dedicated for running and cycling enthusiasts in London. This club held its first running event after the lockdown in London, encouraging Indonesian students in London to work out and improve their lifestyle. Still with safety protocols considered, the event also provided entertainment in the uncertain circumstances.

This division is also responsible in organising Piala Indonesia, a UK-wide sports tournament. Every year, we invited other PPI within UK to come to London and compete. As years go by, this event is transforming to be one of the biggest and most awaited events for Indonesian communities in the UK. This is an opportunity to solidify the Indonesian communities in the UK, allowing new connections to grow whilst also promoting Indonesian cultures, especially through cuisines.

The main benefit of joining this division is the opportunity to actualize your hobbies and passions. You are allowed to kick off new events or communities that are aligned with your hobbies and passions and this will allow you to meet new people, broaden your connections with people that have parallel interests. This division also actively communicating with other PPI in the UK which means that there are even more new people to connect with.

Internally, you will be given responsibilities from day 1 which allows you to grow and develop organizational skills. The best part of joining is that you will be working with very friendly people that will soon become your closest family in London. I have been indulged in this division for 2 years and in both years, I had amazingly solid family.

Aside from the basic organizational skills such as communication and commitment, I feel that the most important thing to have is passion. The main goal is to provide mediums for students for them to channel their hobbies, and to do this effectively, the members of the division has to be passionate themselves, taking part in the activities and not being passive. Additionally, being a good communicator is also crucial as much of the events require us to collaborate with a lot of other externals such as different PPI, other divisions, and also fellow students.

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