PPI London X Access Education: Divisi Pengabdian Masyarakat

Divisi Pengabdian Masyarakat fulfils PPI London’s responsibility to contribute to society. The society in questions is mainly focused in Indonesia as being far from home in London does not diminish these students’s love for their country. Joining this division is a great way to channel your nationalism and altruism in helping people in need.

This account of PPI London is provided by Amelia Hartono, an MBA Global Business student at Coventry University London and the Head of PPI London 2020/2021 Divisi Pengabdian Masyarakat.

As a part of the Indonesian student community where we roam to London for knowledge, we would like to give back something to our country. Not only knowledge but also sharing our compassion and love. This year, the Community Service team has the vision to support Indonesian children’s education through books, donation, and sponsorship. We also concern about people back home who are suffering from the current COVID-19 pandemic and would like to lend a hand to support them getting through this difficult time. We always believe, our act of love can be shown in many ways and small action can make a big impact. 

Our focus is to help Indonesian citizen back at home, therefore, our community is the most welcome for any students in London who want to serve the same purpose as we do and influence people to share kindness and love to everyone in need. We thank our country’s effort to fulfil our education needs up to this day, and now as we get older, it’s time for us to express our gratitude to our country. One of the very first projects that we have is supporting Indonesian canteen vendors who suffer from school closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak by purchasing their goods and deliver them to Indonesian orphanages in need. We also at the agreement process with an NGO to help us deliver our act of love in financially support Indonesian kids’ education needs.

Aside of gaining much technical knowledge on how to work within the non-profit organisation, we will also be part of the fun and loving family who will give our 100% effort to help Indonesian citizen and improve our country’s well-being.

Our family consist of people who are passionate, relentless, and share the same vision of giving back the love to our community, Indonesian family in Indonesia. There are no specific criteria for this as we believe our passion to help will do the magic.

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

Email:  info@konsultanpendidikan.com

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