PPI London X Access Education: Divisi Pengabdian Karir

Divisi Pengabdian Masyarakat fulfills PPI London’s responsibility to contribute to society. The society in questions is mainly focused in Indonesia as being far from home in London does not diminish these students’s love for their country. Joining this division is a great way to channel your nationalism and altruism in helping people in need.

This account of PPI London is provided by Amelia Hartono, President of PPI London 2020/2021 Divisi Pengabdian Masyarakat.

The Career Development Division of PPI London is in charge of handling events and providing resources to Indonesian students in London surrounding their career, regarding topics such as career opportunities, career paths, advice from alumni, networking with professionals, and many more. The ultimate goal is to provide guidance and information to students so that they can start or further their careers with confidence, be it in London or elsewhere.

Finding a job after graduating university has always been a main concern for students, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only further exacerbated this concern as employment grows more competitive with companies cutting down on hiring new employees. By joining this division, one has the chance to take part in alleviating these concerns for fellow students and bridging the information gap for them.

In our most recent webinar last December for example, we held a career talk that broadly covered 3 different career paths/industries namely entrepreneurship, finance industry and the tech industry. During which, we were able to answer questions asked by attendees regarding their concerns about working in the UK as a minority, but also addressing more personal issues in deciding one’s career path. This demonstrated the type of problems that we are able to address and help people with which is incredibly rewarding especially knowing ourselves the difficulties of being a student and starting a career in London.

The benefits of joining the Career Development Division overlap with those of joining a big student-run organization like PPI London itself. It will allow members to hone their soft-skills such as communication, teamwork, time-management, and leadership as well. However, the benefit of joining this division specifically would be the chance to bring about events regarding career paths or industries often neglected, choosing and interacting with event speakers who are professionals in their respective fields, as well as having a broader knowledge on the careers and opportunities available.

Anyone of any skillset would prove to be valuable in the division, but a keen interest in careers and knowledge of the resources available as well as a good professional network we can draw on would be a plus. Soft-skills in particular would be most important as one needs to be able to communicate and work alongside various team members both within the division and outside of it to coordinate things like social-media posts and poster design for an event for example.

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