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Divisi Kajian Riset dan Strategis can be viewed as a development center for students who wish to delve into research. This division houses research activities done for the benefit of the Indonesia student community in London. Any student looking to further their research skills or share their knowledge should seriously consider joining this division.

This account of PPI London is provided by Sheena Abigail, a second year Physics student at University College London and Head of PPI London 2020/2021 Divisi Kajian Riset dan Strategis.

This unit mainly focuses on providing opportunities and a platform for Indonesian students to create and develop themselves. In doing this, we encourage students to create and produce works through the Terbitan Pelajar program. Through this program, every month we socialize a certain topic, often related to global or local issues, and we welcome submissions of all forms (from written to artwork) from all students. We will then curate those submissions to be published on the PPI London website. Meanwhile, in the London Menyapa Podcast program, we, whether that only be the kastrat unit or with other students as guests, discuss global and local issues, also giving our opinions to hopefully spark discussion within the Indonesian student community and keep them informed on relevant issues in their free time.

This unit always works towards a shared goal that PPI London has, which is increasing solidarity between Indonesian students in London and being a platform for Indonesian students to excel and develop themselves. Consequently, by being in this unit you are continuously working towards that goal as well. Through our programs built to provide room to create and be vocal, we are not only facilitating those who are seeking to have their works seen and be heard by others, but by encouraging and welcoming submissions, we are also encouraging students to be productive. Since the submissions for Terbitan Pelajar and involvement in the London Menyapa Podcast are not limited to only Indonesian students in London, students around the world have an equal chance of participating as well.

Personally by joining PPI London not only have I expanded my network but I’ve gained experience in working within an organisation and just really go out of my comfort zone as I don’t typically lead groups and communicate with others.

This division does not require people experienced in writing articles or hosting podcasts, though that would be a plus, but we look for people who are curious, filled with ideas and driven.

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

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