London Series: Bread and Rolls

Bread loaves are one of the most basic ingredients a student can purchase. This is because it can be used to make sandwiches that are varied in filling. On the other hand, rolls are not as versatile as bread loaves but can be more quickly consumed. This is incredibly convenient for a student who is looking for a quick bite. The following options will provide students with the proper London student bread experience check.

Hovis Original 7 Seeds Bread 800G

This pack of bread is considered to be relatively filling at a reasonable price. This will allow you to make sandwiches that fill your stomach without using too many other ingredients thus increasing the amount of sandwiches you can make.

New York Bakery Plain Bagels 5 Pack

This bagel pack will provide you with 5 bagels that can make a hearty breakfast. A single bagel is large enough to fill one’s stomach on its own but a bagel with added ingredients would be even better.

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