London Series: Luxury Cooking Appliances for Students!

When you already have the basic tools to keep your stomach full there comes a time where you would naturally want more. These appliances should be purchased only when you realise you’re a real glutton and your bank account can support you.

Mini Fridge

Halls usually do provide students with a communal fridge but these fridges are very vulnerable. This is because theft of food is a very common occurrence in halls with radical behaviour such as removing name tags is displayed. A mini fridge would solve that problem by being located in your room with the added benefit of convenience.

Induction Stove

Induction stoves cannot be used in every halls of residence. This is because they are a potential fire hazard and would violate hall safety rules. However, if a hall permits, induction stoves would be a great way to allow students to cook a wide variety of food in their dorm room.

Rice Cooker

Most rice cookers will be banned from halls due to fire hazards but microwaveable ones are safe. This will be essential for Indonesian students who miss having rice as a part of their daily diet. These rice cookers are very easy to use and are on the cheaper side of the cooking appliance spectrum.

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