London Series: Must Have Appliances for Students!

These appliances are very important for students who want to study in London on a full stomach. You will be able to eat almost anything easy to make with these appliances in your dorm. Make sure to purchase any of these appliances if they are not provided by your halls.


A microwave is one of the most essential appliances a student could have. This is because heating food is very useful for a very wide range of foods. Stored food, frozen food, cooking with certain equipment and instant food can all be heated with a microwave. Fortunately, most halls provide a microwave for the students to use but on the off chance that they don’t this is a worthy investment to add into your hall room.


A kettle is the appliance you will probably use the most in your hall room. This is because kettles are incredibly useful to cook the quintessential dorm life food; instant ramen. Beyond that, kettles can also be used for foods and drinks such as tea and hot chocolate. These are also usually provided by halls but having your own kettle will be incredibly convenient.


Tupperware is absolutely important as it allows you to bring around food and actually eat food. This utensil serves both the purpose of a plate and take away bag making it incredible versatile and efficient to clean. Also, some Tupperwares are microwave safe with a lid on the top that can be popped when heating food.


Pans are a curious case as they are important specifically for Indonesian students. This is because pans are used to cook the holy grail of Indonesian cuisine; Indomie. With a pan and kettle all it takes is to cook the Indomie inside the pan with the hot water. This will allow you to save money, time and suffering from hunger to really embody your Indonesia based counterparts or “Anak Kostan”.

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