London Series: Salad

Salads might not seem to fall under the category of instant food as its relatively unprocessed and requires little to no further cooking. However, the fact that it can be instantly consumed might point to the fact that it can be regarded as the ultimate instant food. Furthermore, the possibility of instantly consuming a well made salad also makes it cheap and delicious further solidifying its status as an instant food. Nevertheless, salads can provide all the perks of other types of instant food with the added benefit of being relatively healthier. This makes salads a great choice for those of you who actually like eating them or are conscious of your health. The following recommendations will provide great choices for students.

Tesco Party Salad

This option is usually useful when you are hungry or have people around. This is because it only has a shelf life of 2 days. However, being able to fill your stomach or providing multiple meals for a single person or multiple people is a valuable benefit this option provides.

Tesco Peppery Babyleaf Rocket Salad

This option is much more filling but only serves one serving. This is a great choice for anyone who has relatively more money to spend and would like to eat filling meals multiple times a day.


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