London Series: Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage might not be a poultry juggernaut on the level of KFC, but they do offer high quality products. Chicken Cottage is a great option for having a more authentic flavour of fried chicken with all the perks of a fast food restaurants. They sell deals with great value and great taste. So whenever you’re trying to save some money but want to have a nice enjoyable meal, the following recommendation would definitely be a good shout.

Spicy Wings Meal

On their own they might not be even worth considering, but a spicy wings meal of 8 spicy wings, fries and a drink is definitely a decent spread. This meal set is worth the amount you have to pay as the 8 spicy wings won’t torture your tongue but have a generally mild spiciness to them. The fries are usually crips and salted just enough and obviously the drink is just a soft drink, nothing too special. All of these will provide a tasty, filling and relatively cheap meal for any student who needs a bit of spice in their university life.

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