London Series: Nando’s

Nando’s might be the most famous UK fast food restaurant and probably its favourite chicken outlet. Famous for its peri-peri sauces and cheap but delicious chicken, Nando’s is definitely a name that comes up during meal planning conversations. Those people who do end up ordering from Nando’s will be able to enjoy a nice grilled chicken outing at a restaurant or at home. The following recommendation is probably the best chicken item on the menu and would definitely leave little left to desire.

Chicken Butterfly

The chicken butterfly is the best item on Nando’s’ menu as its the most convenient. A large piece of chicken meat without any bones ready for you to cut it up and savour. Not only is this chicken flavoured exceptionally thoroughly, having free signature peri-peri sauces in-resto would dispel any negative biases towards flavourless chicken breast.


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