London Series: Brunel for Accounting and Finance, Universitas dengan Jurusan Accounting and Finance yang Ternama di London (English).

Finance and Accounting is a very sought after course within the UK as there are various universities which offer good programs regarding that field of study. Notable Finance and Accounting courses in London can be found at LSE, Brunel, Westminster and KCL.

Brunel University of London


Brunel University London is known to have a reputable Finance and Accounting course. Although it is located away from most of the glitz and glamour of London, Brunel makes up for it with its well delivered education.

Special Quality

Brunel dedicates the Accounting and Finance course’s curriculum to fully prepare students for their future careers. First, Brunel teaches this course thoroughly and students will be given more than sufficient knowledge in each subject. Subjects such as Financial Markets and skill such as data-modelling are taught to students to strengthen their knowledge rigorously. This guarantees that Brunel’s delivery of the course is on par with the top unis in the UK.

Also, Brunel’s curriculum allows students to choose from a wide range of careers within accountancy. In their latter years as a student of the course, the students will be able to customise the subjects they learn. This is to enable them to specialise into specific areas of accountancy such as taxation and auditing.

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Preparation for Work

Brunel provides students opportunities to connect with the professional world in a variety of ways. Firstly, Brunel frequently holds career events. These events are extremely useful in exposing students to internship opportunities and future careers within companies such as Goldman Sachs. To support this, Brunel employs mechanisms such as online reminders to help students stay up to date with opportunities that are available to them.

Also, Brunel provides extra service to prepare students for the future through their dedicated career centre. This section of the university can provide students with various services. For example, a student is able to take a psychometric test to help them decide on a future career.


In terms of intensity, Brunel is relatively bearable. First, a week can be considered relatively manageable. With 4-5 hours of studying in and outside of the classroom complemented by an optional 2 hours of office hours, studying at Brunel can leave a good amount of time for a student to focus on other things. Also, Brunel’s student interaction is quite healthy. Generally, students are very easy going and supportive to one another. There is some competition between students but it is constructive and will serve to help their development.

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