London Series: Westminster for Business, Universitas dengan Jurusan Bisnis yang Unik dan Berkelas (English)

     Business is a very sought after program as it is very flexible and can tie into many industries. The universities of london offer a variety of choices that can award a prestigious business degree. These universities include Queen Mary University of London, University of Westminster, City University of London Business School and UCL.

University of Westminster


Westminster is known for having an international student body and excellent business related programs. Westminster is an incredible choice for students seeking an insightful yet enjoyable university experience.

University of Westminster Marylebone Campus, (photograph by Chris Redgrave for the Survey of London) © Historic England (DP 177601) from

Special Quality

Westminster’s main strength is its attention in maintaining a healthy learning experience for its students. Firstly, the Business Management and Finance course at Westminser is multidisciplinary in nature making it interesting to learn. For example, the course teaches modules both concerning business management such as Business Decision Making and finance in Corporate Finance. Additionally, students find that the modules are designed to help students and not drain them. Second, the university delivers these lessons in an interesting manner, primarily in group-oriented activities. For example, daily class activities and final projects are done in groups. This allows students to learn together with a lessened burden due to the cooperation needed to succeed.

University of Westminster Library, photo by University of Westminster from

Preparation for Work

Westminster emphasises classroom conventions in its attempt to prepare students for the professional world. Westminster incorporates practical activities within their modules to allow students to implement their knowledge. For instance, most modules in this program have business simulation games. These games are beneficial as they are interesting so they keep students stimulated, teach how a decision can impact a business and also coach students to work in a group dynamic which is crucial in the professional world. Also, Westminster accepts students from foundation programs as transfer students and immediately admits them as second year students. For example, students that graduated from an Indonesian High School can continue their education at Kaplan International College London. Due to the partnership between Westminser and Kaplan, Kaplan students are able to save time and immediately become a second year student upon graduation of the program. 


Westminster can be considered as relatively less intense and teaches students to be independent in their studies. Students usually have 3 active study days in the week with 4-6 hours a day and on other days 1-2 hours of independent study. Also, student interaction is generally chill but can become competitive when performing class activities such as group-based games.

In conclusion, the University of Westminster is a great choice for a business degree as its stimulating and encouraging environment is prime for studying.

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