London Series: Events at Unite Students (English)

Although Unite Students Blithehale Court can be inhabited by remaining solitary, the accommodation provides activities for students to get together and get to know each other. These events might not be as frequent as university accommodations, but can also prove to be extremely enjoyable experiences.


The accommodation provides a variety of events and does an amazing job advertising them. However, the parties are by far the most popular one yet since they provide the food and drinks for the event. A get together with free food and drinks plus enjoyable company can make for an amazing experience for anys students. Also, it is a great example that shows the accommodation cares about its students which is a soothing thing to understand. Furthermore, there are parties being made for every special event. It serves a different themes in terms of the special events being celebrated which keeps the parties varied and continuously exciting.

Common Room at Unite Students Blithehale Court, photo by Unite Students from

For more information please contact:

 Whatsapp  :  0812 5998 5997

Line           :  accesseducation

Telegram   :  0812 5998 5997

Email :

Link to Unite Students:

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