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PPI London’s activities aren’t limited to their own organisation, they often collaborate with external parties to provide the Indonesians of London with quality and variety. These events are held every year at a premium where the best organisations are contacted to work with PPI London. Knowing these events are usually great for students who are looking to enrich their uni life!

This account of PPI London is provided by Imam Akbar, a second year BSc Business Management with Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship student at the University of Westminster and a Division Coordinator of PPI London 2020/2021, and Aldo Bimantoro, studying Msc Human Resources and Organisation student at the London School of Economics and Political Science and staff member of the PPI London 2020/2021 Career Development Division.

  • Career Webinars and Skill Development Workshop (in collaboration with YIPA)

These activities are targeted to students who want to pursue their career in the UK after completing their degree. We collaborate with fellow Indonesian who has already worked professionally here in the UK to pass out handy tips and tricks in order to ace job searching. We break down these activities by sectors such as private sectors (finance, tech/IT, entrepreneurship, engineering, and consulting. It is because each sector serves different point of view in selecting potential candidates. This way, we aim to be more effective in bridging student’s interest with the right facilitators and also to produce more comprehensive discussion. This series of activities will be promoted online through social media as well as WA/Email blast.

Earlier, we have successfully conducted our first career webinar, in which was mainly discussing about working in private sectors. We invited Rania Rusly (former Software Engineer intern in Gojek and Google), Pino Edwards (Owner of Pino’s Warung), and Christy Zakarias (AVP Investor Relation at Barclays Group). There were more than 100 people joining the event and arguably the most participants amongst similar events.

  • Job Fair ICE (in collaboration with YIPA)

We realise that there also some of students who want to go back to Indonesia to kick-start or continue their career in our beloved motherland. In so doing, we look forward to support YIPA in their annual Indonesia Career Evening for year 2021 since it’s normally conducted here in London. We also hope it will be a live and in-person event so that fellow Indonesian students can experience live-networking event and meet their future employer to get to know them better. Student can explore more about this event mostly on YIPA’s website and social media.

  • E-Counseling program, Collabs with kita berkisah

Online counseling session with professional psychologist that design to provide a safe space for anyone who needs help to discuss about their mental health.
To make this program interesting, we manage to cooperate with kita berkisah to give a free chat session for 5 members and 50% off the price for all call session for 10 members.
Anyone can reach us through our social media to know more about this program.

  • Piala Indonesia

A sports competition that is held by PPI London which intends to strengthen the bond between every Indonesian Student Association in the UK. To make this program interesting, we invite every Indonesian in the UK to participate and also enjoy the Indonesian food bazaar that we provide in the area. To find more about this program, stay tuned for our announcement on Instagram @ppilondon

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

Email:  info@konsultanpendidikan.com

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