PPI London x Access Education: Why You Should Join PPI London (Part 1)

Being a student involved with PPI London externally only scratches the surface of what the organisation can offer you. Membership is rotated annually and a wide range of Indonesian students are always eligible to join. Becoming a member of this organisation will allow Indonesian students to have a much colorful experience studying in London. But why exactly should a student join PPI London? This week we will be discussing the benefits of joining PPI London and we will be hearing from members of each of the organisation’s division:

  • Wirausaha
  • Media Kreatif
  • Seni dan Olahraga
  • Kesejahteraan Pelajar
  • Hubungan Pelajar
  • Pengabdian Masyarakat
  • Hubungan Masyarakat
  • Pengembangan Karir
  • Kajian Riset dan Strategis

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

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