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Divisi Wirausaha is the entreprenurship division of PPI London. This division primarily focuses on providing goods and services for Indonesians in London that need helping out. This division is very community driven in the sense that it caters to the specific needs of an Indonesian student in London as the members of the division have been in the same position. Today we will be talking about why joining this division will be a beneficial experience for any Indonesian students interested.

This account of PPI London is provided by Andrew So, the Head of PPI London 2020/2021 Wirausaha.

This division serves the student community or others with the services we offer. Our services also help students’ lives, for example, by ppi, so we pick up Indonesian students at very competitive rates, we can take them from the airport to their home or vice versa or we can also go out of town. In addition, there is Ppi London accommodation that helps Indonesian students or others who are looking for a place to live, so we help find a place to live according to their specifications, we list and the ones chosen we can also help inspect directly. There is also a surprise me, so we can help people who want to surprise, whether friends or family in London, surprisin want to make bday or something else. There are also essay tutors to help Indonesian students construct their essays, not make them, so we help to check the term for the essay, it’s ok, whether it’s not yet and check for errors etc., even here we have professional workers from well-known unions. In addition, there are also jeeps from London to Indo or vice versa, so we help fill the second need. Then we every few months bring favorite food in Indo to sell in London for those who really miss Indo food which is hard to find in London or can’t find delicious, for example we have brought bakmie to London and the results are also pretty good for the experiment and the first time done. Next, I want to bring other types of Indonesian cuisine. And of all our efforts, we give 50% of the profit to the community service department of PPO London to be distributed to those who are more in need, 50% of which we use for other PPI events which also certainly generate benefits for people too.

The benefits of joining the wirus division include learning to do business indirectly, how to do business on a micro level and of course, make new friends or network. Here it fails as well as if it’s okay because all of our services are in the form of payment in front so there are no losses that arise, so it’s good for beginners to want to learn business

The ability to enter this division is not difficult, the important thing is to work hard and have good customer service because most of our work programs involve service. There must be a willingness to work because if what is done in this division, the customer will not come automatically

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