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Divisi Hubungan Pelajar is tasked with strengthening the bond between Indonesian students in London. They do this through various activities that involve interactive elements as to build that bond. This division is very important to the Indonesian student community in London as it is the very glue that binds them together.

This account of PPI London is provided by Celica Cristianti, a third year Bsc Biochemistry student at King’s College London and the President of PPI London 2020/2021 Divisi Kesejahteraan Pelajar.

Our division’s main goal is to help Indonesian students build connection with their fellow Indonesian peers. We are known for making very interactive social events where we include various forms of entertainment, whether it be games or music, to break the ice. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, we are unable to hold physical events the way we used to. However, this did not stop us from achieving our goal this academic year. We strive to give the same experience to our Indonesian friends virtually, regardless of where they are at the moment.  

With the current global situation in mind, we have conducted two virtual events that have hopefully been beneficial for our Indonesian friends. 

Our first event was the Instagram Live session we held with El Rumi, where we talked about “Life in London As a Student During COVID-19”.This event was aimed for students who were planning to leave for London to start or continue their study. Our purpose for this event was to give these students an insight of the current situation in London and how they can go about their day when they get to London. We had over 500 people streaming our Instagram Live, with plenty of questions for El and myself to discuss and answer. We have received great feedback from various sources, and we are glad this session has been informative to our audience. 

The second event we held this year was a collaboration with the Career Development division for a webinar regarding Careers in the UK. The theme of the webinar was “From being your own boss to breaking into the private sector!”. We wanted to invite speakers from a broad range of backgrounds to give students different perspectives of working in the UK. Eventually, we were grateful to have had three amazing panelists for this webinar. We had Rania Rusly, Pino Edwards from Pino’s Warung, and Christy Zakarias from YIPA UK. This webinar was attended by over 100 participants, and they all had very insightful questions to ask. 

We have more virtual events coming up soon, but we hope as things get better we can plan a physical event in the near future. Our current priority is for everyone to stay safe and healthy, and the best way to do that is by following the UK government’s health regulations. 

There are plenty of benefits in being part of the Student Relations division. First of all, we have so much fun doing our tasks. There are always new and exciting ideas coming up at every meeting, to brainstorm events that we hope our Indonesian friends can enjoy. Second, we get to meet so many new people in the events we make. There are so many networking opportunities with fellow Indonesians from various backgrounds. Most importantly, our division is  a tight-knit group and we work very closely with one another. At the end of the day, we aren’t just colleagues, we are also friends. And I think that the more Indonesian friends we have in London, the more at home we feel. 

As a PPI London committee in the Student Relations division, we have to be very sociable. Not only are we required to meet new people, but we are also expected to know the interests of other Indonesian students in London. This is a helpful trait when planning events, so we can concept our events in ways we know our friends would enjoy. In addition, a Student Relations committee would need to have good organizational skills to juggle between university workload and our responsibilities in PPI London. Planning events can take a lot of time and effort, but this should not interfere with our university courses. 

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

Email:  info@konsultanpendidikan.com

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