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Recruitment into the organisation follows a particular process. Its important to be informed of this process as to prepare appropriately to ensure admission. Today we will be discussing the process of being recruited into PPI London and how you should prepare to increase your chances of acceptance.

This account of PPI London is provided by Medina Rahma Putri, a third year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at King’s College London and Secretary General of PPI London 2020/2021.

PPI London always holds an open recruitment for PPI London administrators at the beginning of the new academic year; around September to October. Instagram @ppilondon will definitely post an open recruitment, and usually a form will be prepared for registration as a member of PPI London. However, all Indonesian students in London are registered within PPI London. Open recruitment and registration is only necessary if students are interested in becoming the board of PPI London. As long as the applicant is a student at one of the universities in London, he or she is allowed to become the board of PPI London.

Actually there are no formal requirements and we are very open to registration from any level of education; Undergrad, Masters, PhD, etc. But if the applicant has experience that can help in the division they are listing then it is very useful. For example, if you want to register as an administrator of the Media Kreatif division, maybe the applicant has experience using Photoshop, or for example the final cut pro. Or another example, suppose the applicant wants to become a member of the Pengabdian Masyarakat division, maybe that person has experience in fundraising or other charity work. However, PPI London is very welcome for anyone from any background of experience. We will both learn together and participate within PPI London.

There will be a process interview, to get to know the prospective members of the PPI London board and whether or not they are suitable for the job desc of the division they have registered to. This is because applicants can apply for one division, but it could turn out that they are more suitable to work in another division or maybe those who register don’t understand the job descriptions of the divisions they are registering, so from here we match them to which division they are more comfortable. Surely we will also ask, whether they are willing to enter another division or not, because there is also a possibility that the list will be transferred to another division. But this will not be done without the approval of those listed, because yes we also want the management to be happy to run the PPI London organisation.

Usually after recruitment is finished, the first meeting is with each division. So, it is only around December that PPI London holds a team building for the entire board. This is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences. December 2019, we have team building at the Wisma Siswa Merdeka where the activities are eating together, playing games; basically it is very impressionable because it builds solidarity and brings together the different members of the organisation. Unfortunately because of Covid-19, this year many are still in Indonesia and we cannot hold any events yet. Finally yesterday we held Zoom calls together for inaugurations and also zoom calls per division for introductions. There were also team building activities per division as well.

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