London Series-UCL Days: Fabric

Fabric is touted to be one of the best club franchises in Europe boasting locations in several prominent cities around the continent. This institution is often frequented by students of various unis but UCL students are common visitors to the club. Fabric is bound to provide you with an unforgettable experience for you crazy partygoers looking for a night to forget your uni worries.

Fabric has several rooms with different themes of music that visitors can choose from. All these rooms are very well decorated and are unique to one another. One of the main rooms is a straight up mosh pit where rap music is usually played. This room is your typical club room that provides no space to sit and a stage where the most outgoing visitors get busy at. Additionally, Fabric also has a room one their third floor which is much more cramped but thematically heavy. This room is meant to provide a bit more intimacy and peace compared to the other rooms while blasting the same type of music as the others. Also, Fabric has a waiting room for students to rest in the middle of their hectic nights. Being quite spacious and accommodating to rest, this room is a great place to put a pause on your dancing and recharge for the next sessions.


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