London Series-UCL Days: Thai Square

Famous for its similarities to clubs back home, Thai Square or TSQ is probably one of the most well known clubs amongst the Indonesian community in London. This makes it one of the most frequented clubs by Indonesians whenever there is a special occasion to go out. You may meet a fellow Indonesian randomly partying at the venue but you’ll definitely have a lively time either way due to the attractions and music. TSQ is a great place to have a night out just note that its rather pricey compared to other clubs.

TSQ is actually a part of a restaurant which is on the ground level of the building. To get to the club you’d need to go downstairs to the basement where you’d first store your jacket. When entering the club, you’ll notice that TSQ has 4 main areas; the bathroom, bar, dance floor and tables. These areas are fitted into a compact space so navigating through would prove to be a real hassle. The absolute best way to enjoy the club is to have a table but that would be very expensive so further considerations need to be taken. This is extremely helpful as you’d definitely need a rest after standing all that time amongst a tight crowd of people.

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