London Series-UCL Days: Ministry of sound

Ministry of Sound or MOS is one of the most well-known clubs amongst UCL students. This is because of their regular weekly events such as Milkshake that are often visited by weary uni students who are so desperate for leisure they’d sacrifice the following week day just to party. These events embody the philosophy of MOS where there is a focus on the sound played at the venue. This focus has manifested in inviting upcoming artists to perform and an emphasis on the equipment used to play music. This shows why going to MOS would definitely prove to be worthwhile as you’d be able to forget about uni in the sea of sound that MOS is.

MOS has 4 main rooms that complement each other in MOS’ pursuit of auditory perfection. First, they have a room called the box that focuses on blasting music with high quality equipment. Second, the 103 is a room where upcoming artists perform and give a unique edge to the club as a stepping stone to stardom. Third, the Baby Box is a more intimate room where partygoers come to rest and hang out. Lastly, the Loft is the main room for socialisation as apparently influential people in the music industry can be found here scouting for talent.

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