London Series-UCL Days: Piccadilly institute

Piccadilly Institute is a unique club in a well-known area that will give you an interesting experience. This is done by the thematic variations inside the club where each of the six rooms has its own theme with each of their own individual cocktail selections. The different rooms are mostly located on different levels so navigating through them would probably a bit tiring so sticking to one room would be ideal. Nonetheless, Piccadilly Institute is a great option for an interesting night out with friends.

Piccadilly Institute is a multi-storied building with different thematic concepts for different rooms. The first level houses the VIP room where there is a limit to the partygoers of a specific dance floor. This causes traffic to flow upwards to the higher levels. Most of the levels are structured the same with a bathroom, dance floor and a bar for each room. However, a primary distinction between some of the rooms is that they either have a dance floor or tables for visitors.

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