London Series-UCL Days: XOYO

XOYO might be UCL’s favourite club as some events are specifically catered to students of the uni. This club is relatively straightforward consisting of two main levels both with their own dance floors and bars. The music itself is relatively generic with no particular theme regularly displayed. However, sometimes students just need a bit of generic pleasure to enjoy a simple night out with friends.

Entering XOYO is relatively simple as the first room is just a regular dance room with a few seats in one of the corners. Truth be told, this room is slightly dead so its usually a place people go to chill out in the middle of partying. Fortunately, the real party room is downstairs and you’re immediately met with a pit of people along with a stage and bar. There isn’t anything too unique about this room but the simplicity itself is very appealing for a regular night out with your friends.

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