London Series: Hult for Business, Universitas Bisnis yang Membangun Karakter (English)

Business is a very sought after program as it is very flexible and can tie into many industries. The universities of london offer a variety of choices that can award a prestigious business degree. These universities include Queen Mary, Westminster, City University of London Business School and UCL.

Hult International Business School


Hult International Business School, as the name implies, is a very diverse university which offers business courses of high quality. This account of Hult International Business School is provided by Daniel Rahadyan, a first year Entrepreneurship student of the institution.

Hult International Business School London Campus, photo by Hult International Business School

Special Quality

Daniel notes that a noteworthy aspect of Hult’s education is character building. Daniel feels that Hult actively shapes their students to become successful by exposing them to different kinds of mindsets. As a result, Daniel understands the mindset of a young entrepreneur, analytical ability of a manager and handles complications the way an owner would. This multifaceted mindset is extremely useful in solving problems on any level of a business. In addition, this constructive learning environment is facilitated by friendly professors who both attempt to make learning more enjoyable and is generous in their tutelage.

Preparation for Work

Hult’s Entrepreneurship course helps students accustom their attitude to working life. Daniel finds this in Hult’s emphasis on discipline. For example, Hult has strict policies on punctuality and a student is not permitted to enter the classroom after being ten minutes late. This is a very rudimentary matter but is essential in training a student to understand the importance of professionalism.


In terms of intensity, Hult’s schedule is manageable and the student competition is of a healthy amount. Daniel feels that Hult’s schedule is relatively light as he takes 10 classes of 5 modules per week with each class spanning an hour and twenty minutes. Additionally, students at Hult are quite competitive regarding academics. This helps create a healthy culture where the main mindset is to gain as much as possible from the lessons Hult offers.

Overall, Hult is a very impressionable university which is extremely beneficial towards a student’s personal development. Hult is able to provide students with a very supportive learning environment that will shape students to become primed for work in the future.

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